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Respect friend :
  Reform and open policy's Wenzhou attracts the world judgment, person outstanding earth deities Rui'an is unfolding the undertaking the fervor. Under dares manner first Wenzhou in “the Wenzhou pattern” the person to face one kind of challenge under the current economic form is also one kind of opportunity.
  Ruibang machinery gives regards to you! “take the good faith as the book, take concentrates as first, insisted that for permanent” - this was I to the past personhood, works, makes enterprise's one kind of the life feeling to become aware, I will never forget, in I started an undertaking in the process to care about and to support me the various trades and occupations friend, I heartfelt expressed thanks and honest to you the sincere blessing!
  Ruibang machinery origination obtains the new old customer to approve identically until now, at present is the Wenzhou specialized manufacture printing mechanism equipment's enterprise, the specialized development environmental protection prints to brush the machinery, in printing, the design, the manufacture, the service specialized technology had many year historic experiences, the consummation enterprise production management system, directs to compose many patterns the environmental protection printer and the necessary machinery, gives China the printing trade to bring the infinite printing industry.
  The development does not have the level road, the innovation not to have the limit. Passing, we work as one, altogether to tide over the difficulty, has won the preliminary victory. Today, we stood in the new beginning, the enterprise development new bugle already sounded. I will propose in 2011 and even the future two to three year corporate growth overall strategy mentality, namely: Solid this the strong base, innovates continually, realizes the new spanning. “the solid this strong base”, is must consolidate basis of the foundation management, foundation of the strengthening core competencies; “innovates continually ”, is must by technical, the flow and the cultural transformation breakthrough, promotes enterprise's managerial and administrative expertise to the internationalization request new altitude.
  The specialized team makes the exquisite craft
  The production guarantees the punctual delivery with steady steps
  The accurate fixed price seeks the market share
  Ruibang machinery——You best, most best printing mechanism equipment partner!
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